Use your

Gob for good

We’re asking you to use your #GobForGood and help those suffering with blood cancer.

Got a mouth?
Be a hero

Blood cancer is a thing. A nasty, horrible thing that kills people.

Turns out, though, the power to save those suffering from it lies in *all* our hands. Or, actually, our gobs — because it only takes a quick cheek swab to see if you could donate your stem cells and save someone’s life.

Find out how you can use your #GobForGood below.

Aged between 17 & 55?

Get your swab kit here:

Aged 16?

Get your swab kit here:

Over 55?

Share the campaign and ask friends and family to use their #GobForGood.

Time to get gobby

“The fact that black, mixed race and ethnic minority patients are still at a disadvantage when it comes to finding matched stem cell donors simply because not enough of us are registering as potential donors is shocking. We as a community must do more to help each other, and we all know that cancer affects 1 in 2 of us, what are we waiting for? No more excuses, we must do much better!”

Trevor Nelson MBE
BBC Radio DJ

Being part of
#GOBFORGOODIs easy-threesy:


Order a free swab kit above, swirl the swab around your gob and return in the pre-paid envelope.


Share a swab selfie and tag your three gobbiest mates to do the same, using the hashtag #GobForGood.


If you find a few quid down the back of your sofa, consider sending it to one of our cancer-fighting partners.


Blood cancer survival statistics are much lower for those in ethnic minority groups. But we can change this.

This is a game of numbers: the more people who join the stem cell register of all ethnicities, the better the odds of finding life-saving matches.

This is what the #GobForGood campaign is all about. Getting you and your friends, family, social followers and colleagues swabbing and sharing the campaign using the #GobForGood hashtag.

The swab itself takes about three minutes — and there’s a freepost envelope to send it back in. It couldn’t be easier.

But it could be the difference between someone living and someone dying. So come on, swab to it at — and let’s save some lives.

Our Partners

We work closely with the below organisations to raise awareness and get more people on the stem cell register. We know they’d appreciate your support in any way you can afford to give it, from sharing their life-saving work with your networks to giving a donation.



The #GobForGood campaign is the brainchild of Pete McCleave. In response to Pete’s blood cancer diagnosis in 2017, he set up — an organisation dedicated to getting more people on the stem cell register and saving the lives of those with blood cancer.

As part of 10,000 Donors, Gob For Good’s aim is to make more people aware of the stem cell register — and how important it is in the fight against blood cancer.

Pete hasn’t yet found a stem cell match to save his life. But his efforts have helped save the lives of 18 people suffering with blood cancer. For this, Pete, his amazing family, and his dedicated support team, will always be heroes.

But we need to do more. So this is us asking you to get a gob-swab, get on the stem cell register and maybe save someone’s life. You can do that on this site — or you can do it at

You don’t need a cape to be a hero.

You just need a gob.

So, please, put it to good use.