Get Involved

There are three ways to get involved with #GobForGood. Doing any one of them could save a life.

1.Get a gob-swab

We think that donating stem cells should be as normal as giving blood. After all, it’s every bit as important.

But that means getting more people on the stem cell register. So the most important thing you can do is order a kit below and take three minutes to swab your gob and pop it back in the post.

Aged between 17 & 55?

Be a #GobForGood hero

2.Use your network

Doing the below will cost you nothing but could mean everything if it means finding a match for a blood cancer patient.

Prove that sharing is caring by shouting about Gob For Good to your friends, family, social followers, work colleagues… basically, to anyone and everyone.

Tag us in your posts so we know you’re taking part — and so we can share your efforts with our followers.

Do a quick video selfie showing you swabbing your gob so we can show the world how it’s done!

3.Donate to the cause

Will you sponsor the work we’re doing to register new potential donors, continue our research, and purchase new life-saving equipment?

Every penny of your donation will go towards raising awareness, registering potential life-savers in minority ethnic communities, and supporting the discovery of future treatments — maybe even cures — for blood cancer.